My name is Pamela, and I am the founder of Agencia PAM, a Consulting brand born from a Facebook Ads agency.


My most significant discovery journey came when I was an optometrist traveling and working through Spain ( I am from Portugal). I loved Spain, but I was very unhappy with my daily lack of freedom and the repetitive and draining work.


Unexpectedly I started to develop a big passion for sales, marketing and in between, I sold many glasses 🙂


And that passion starts to spread into the online world.


I had my own business, created a startup, a blog ( ricamente.net) and did some freelancing jobs as a community manager.


I also studied Coaching and NLP because I realized that the most critical changes were inside me, and I believe that everything comes from within.


Later on, I found the power of Facebook Ads and decided to apply it to my blog and to my clients.


Quickly, I realized that among all the things that I’ve tried both for my clients and me, this was the most powerful one.

Facebook Ads Consultant


So I left my job and decided to dedicate myself entirely to my Facebook Ads Agency!

And it was a fantastic journey of creativity and joy!

I realized Facebook Ads are powerful, fast, and can convert a website into a money machine when you have the right product or service.

I had amazing results with my clients! Not all of them, but most had an excellent return on their advertising investment ( Roas).

Many of them got 5 figures per month, purely with cold traffic and investing only 300€.

And some of them got multiple 6 figures with 10.000€ investment. 

But of course, with some strategy 🙂

I also got incredible Roas (you can check them on my highlights on Instagram) of 40, and even some ads at some point got a 500 and more!

 I love the power of Facebook Ads because they are super fast and can show your work to everyone!



That’s the power of online businesses and automation!

My life has changed so much since I started this online journey! Now I have much more freedom! I am so delighted and grateful that I can work from anywhere, and I feel so happy to share this energy and advantages with more people!

I also feel very grateful to help people empower their own online business, set up their systems, generate more income, and make their life happier and easier after all. 

The business evolved and now we are helping people to scale with emotional and technical support,  basically to make more income with less struggle.

How? Here!

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