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My name is Pamela and I am the founder of Agencia PAM, a Consulting brand born from a Facebook Ads agency.
My biggest discovery journey came when I was an optometrist traveling and working through Spain ( I am from Portugal) but I was very unhappy with my daily lack of freedom and the repetitive and draining work.
So I swift my passion into sales, marketing and in between I  sold many glasses 🙂 But even like that I realized that, this work was not working for me and decided to change to the online world.
It was not easy, it was a lonely path and I was very programmed to have a «serious and approved job».
I had to change many many things around me, but especially my mind, what I was believing it was the «truth».
I created a startup ( to fail miserably because I did most of the things wrong, lucky I also had a business that went very well from minute one), a blog ( if you are curious is ricamente.net and did some freelancing and community manager jobs.
In the meanwhile ( and still working as an optometrist but with more flexibility) I studied Coaching and NLP because I realized that the most important changes were inside of me and I am a strong believer that everything comes from within.
Later on, I found the power of Facebook Ads and decided to study it and work with it.
Quickly, I realized that among all the things that I’ve tried both for me and my clients, this was the most powerful one.


Facebook Ads Consultant
So I left my job and decided to dedicate myself completely to my Facebook Ads Agency!
And was an amazing journey of creativity and joy!
I realized Facebook Ads are very powerful, fast, and can convert something in a money machine, when you have the right product or service.
I had amazing results with my clients! Not all of them, but most of them had an excelent return on their advertising investment ( Roas).
There was many of them getting 5 figures per month, purely with cold traffic and investing only 300€.
And some of them getting multiple 6 figures with 10.000€ investment. 
But of course with some strategy 🙂
I also got amazing Roas (you can check them on my highlights on Instagram) of 40 and even some ads at some point got a 500 and even 5000 ROAS!

 I really love the power of Facebook Ads because they can act so fast and show your work to everyone!

But as a business model, I decided to only accept a couple Facebook Ads clients, being almost like business partners so that I can help more people with my Program and Consulting services.

I am truly inspired be nature and my daily personal goal is to be immersed in it, here you can see one of my favorite places that I traveled lately and gave me lots of business and personal inspiration, it is Porto da Cruz in Madeira, Portugal.


 My life has changed so much since I started this online journey! The most obvious change might seem a life with much more freedom and abunance! And it is!! I am so delighted and grateful that I can work from anywhere and I feel so happy to have freedom about my time and my energy, it’s simply amazing! But not only that! Lately, I have been experiencing also enourmous changes on my being and way of working. 
I am experiencing wonderful joy and flow with my work. But, the truth is I had to be very honest with myself. After having an Agency and a team I realized that was not a fit for me and this moment right now and adjusted it.
I came back to Portugal following my heart and decided to realign my business with myself, with more confidence, with more trust, with more flow and with much less «should» and «have to», respecting and apprecciating myself, my process and my energy and doing things much more intuitively.
I believe in me, I believe I am a creator of my own life,  I believe in you and believe you are the creator of your life. I believe we create what we believe. What you believe it’s true it will become true.
Agencia PAM

Some curious things about me:

– I started to climb at the age of 19 without any sports background, went to a national competition a few months later and, against all the odds won second prize! There is so much about mindset and coaching in this story and I am happy to share it with you and stories like this in my newsletter

-A year later, I dropped out of university and went to the mountains to work and climb. I returned later to it because I invested some years and is that what you are » supposed to do» ( don’t make this mistake guys :)) But I never felt so alive like the months I left!! Climbing gave me one of the best times of my life, with lots of freedom, good friends, travel, and nature.

-I am a sensitive person capable of feeling other’s energy and sometimes I need a lot of time alone and inside.

-After being a brave climbing explorer 😛 later on, I started to be afraid of flying. I did some work on it and flew proudly 10 hours to Miami, my first trip to the USA. Yet, traveling makes me a bit anxious so latelly I am super happy exploring nature around me and exploring my creativity around it.

– I am aware of patterns, wounds, mind triggers and limiting beliefs and one of my goals is helping others with it, because I know they can be very limiting and sabotage completely your life and goals.

-I am a multipassionate person and only find out it a few years ago, this discovery gave me so much clarity and freedom!

– I love my daily coffee and the magic that is present in my daily life! I love to watch and appreciate little details daily and get very emotional sometimes!

-I still have moments when it costs me to express myself or just simply show my work but I am on a journey to freely express myself and my soul and also to help others with it!

-I don’t use social media frequently but you can always find me here and in the newsletter!

Welcome here! 💙


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