Feeling lonely
and overwhelmed

It's time to build your business from a place of inspiration!


 Do you have an online education business and you would like to learn how to scale it consistently without feeling stuck?

Tell me if  some of these things happen to you:

-You are a creative person and you have a lot of ideas and ways to help people but you don’t know how, when and, where to scale it.

-What everyone is doing is not working for you: lives, constant launches, constant calls, daily Instagram reels or posts and you even feel overwhelmed with it.

-You don’t imagine yourself doing calls every day to sell your services or products but you also might have the feeling that is hard for you to launch any kind of product because you have a lot of ideas but are also confused about the strategies.

-You would like to make things simpler for you, to know exactly how to do it.

-You can feel that this is not only about the technical part but also the most personal part, your emotions, and inner blocks are showing up when you want to make a stronger move and you are feeling lonely on this path.

-You are a sensitive person, an empath, or an introvert and you feel your energy drained in this process.


But I have good news for you! You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to get results doing things your way.

You don’t have to do everything that everyone else is doing. You can make things simple for you. 20 % of your efforts are going to make you 80% of your results.
Would you like to learn how to focus on what  matters in a pleasanty way, without all the struggle and heavy emotions around it?
Hi! I am Pamela the founder of Agencia PAM, a creative Consulting brand. 
After launching many online projects (blog, startup up, community manager, etc) meanwhile I was leaving my job as an optometrist I felt very attracted to the creative and automated power of Facebook Ads.
I started to realize that among all the things that I’ve tried both for me and my clients, this was the most powerful one.
It frees yourself in many ways, it’s very powerful, fast and can converted a web in a money machine when you have the right product and service.

After doing hundreds of launches and thousands of campaigns for my clients, with consulting in between, I realized that:

Facebook Ads and digital strategies have a lot to do with clarity and emotions.

Everythings starts with you.

Inspired business

It took me much time to understand this simple truth, to realize that work is so much fun and easy when it comes from a place of flow. 

After seen many people struggling with their business for a long time, I created a program (that also includes consulting in the beginning) that puts everything together, both the personal and the tech part, and how to combine them in the most easy way.

What are you going to learn in the Program:

✨ How to focus on the 20% of things that give you the 80% of results and make that part easy for you.

✨ How to create financial stability for your business so you can have time and space to develop and test creative ideas, having a foundation and space for your fun and creative part.

✨ How to use simple and powerful manifestation in your business to let go of fears, desperation, need, and struggle.

✨How to build strong confidence in your business and in yourself.

✨ How to create simple and effective ads y funnels for your premium services and online courses.



This is for:


🙂 Creatives, empaths, sensitives, intuitives, coaches, and consultants that know deep inside they can make a bigger impact in the world but feel stucked and don’t now how to manage their energy.

🙂 People who want to learn how to launch services and online products in the most effective and minimalist way while they build a strong foundation for their business.

🙂 Creatives that want a fun and light business that matches their energy and that they are light up for. 


So if you have your online business but you are a little bit tired of being pushed in 1000 different directions and not putting the focus on what is important:


☹️ And not delivering results and transforming the life of your clients as you know that you can.

☹️ And not transforming your life neither, losing money, time, energy and motivation in the way and making things harder to yourself.


So why you don’t make things way more simple for you? Not only in your business but you will see that these strong principles will also help you to change your life and doing everything much simpler!

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do some work. Yes, you have to work and apply strategies, but you will be doing it from a totally different place and feeling it very different both in your business and personal life.


So that’s why I would like to invite you to scale your business and life with our Inspired Business Program!


We’ve created hundreds of simple systems and funnels and thousands of campaigns, some of them keep bringing sales and clients months after and we’ve seen the impact they had not only for our clients but also for the clients of our clients 🙂

This Program is available now as a unique combination of Program + Consulting. 

You will receive personal Consulting audio where we can review your ads, funnels and give you emotional support or unblocking what is holding you.

 If you tired of doing everything alone, join us here:

simple business

Let's get the party started!!🎉🎉🎉
  • What's included:
  • Telegram take over session + Audio Consulting -3h aprox
  • 7 weeks programm with content delivered weekly on Telegram
  • 1. Clarity
  • 2. Niche
  • 3. Manifestation and goals
  • 4. Improve your services and build a financial foundation
  • 5.Sales
  • 6. Systems and ads
  • 7. Simplicity and repeat

Inspired Business is a combination with you and your business, with the emotional part and the digital strategies, including a Facebook marketing course/module


Rembember, if

✨ You don’t want to have your day filled with calls.

✨ You need a fresh look at your services and prices.

 ✨ You need to check and improve your systems and ads.

✨ You want to feel more inspired to work in your business instead of having to do «this or that» that constrains you in order to succeed.

✨ You know that is not so much about the hard work but it’s about working more intelligently and with strategy and things comes more easy when you know what you want and you have absolute confidence on it.

✨ You want to remove the struggle from your equation and make things simple and working for you.

✨ You want and value personal support than Q&A calls.

This program is still in beta phase, that means that is still under construction and that’s why you will receive extra personal support with the audio.

That also means that you can actively participate in the content creation of the program telling us what you need next.

You will access to a special Audio Takeover where we will  go over your business and tell you how and where you can change it and improve it in a simple way that fits you with the marketing strategies that we know and use. This includes audio consulting where you can ask me anything, either technical or personal/emotional stuff.


Alejandra Duarte, Mentor

Miriam Martín, Psychologist 



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